Discover Cesenatico

Cesenatico ancient harbour, small pearl of the Adriatic Sea, offers its visitors unlimited entertainment opportunities: between past, present and future you will enjoy the picturesque old town centre, required stop in the large itinerary that will surprise you:

The Port Channel

It was built in 1314 to meet Cesena’s need to have a commercial outlet to the sea.

In the early sixteenth century Cesare Borgia deemed it appropriate to perform works that would give to the harbour adequate protection against the violence of the waves. The work was commissioned to Leonardo da Vinci.

Still today that forward-looking project, with some prudent additions, protects us from incredible coastal storms.

The original project is kept at the National Library in Paris.

The harbour became the main axis on which the town has developed over the centuries, first as place of fishermen and coastal commercial traffic, then as tourist spot.

The Marine Museum

In the floating museum, the only one in Italy, are exhibited the prototypes of the boats of the high and middle Adriatic (a “bragozzo”, a “trabaccolo”, a “lancia”, a “paranza”, a “topo”, a “battana”, an “offshore bragozzo” and a “transport trabaccolo”) restored and rearmed according to the original functions, including the colored lug sails which replaced the Latin sails before the introduction of motorized boats.

The Floating nativity scene

Cesenatico’s pride! Established in 1986 from an idea of Guerrino Gardini and by the project of Tinin Mantegazza.

Strong tourist attraction, it is a work in progress: fishermen, carpenter, puppeteer, female fishmonger, woman with piadine, children, and musicians.

On the boats of the Maritime Museum are arranged the characters of the Nativity scene.

The construction technique is completely original: the exposed parts, faces, hands, feet, are carved in stone pine; the clothes are draped in canvas stiffened by brushstroke hot wax on wooden skeletons, made voluminous by light metal mesh, moulded into the desired shape.

Today the sculptural heritage consists of 37 characters, compared to 1986, when there were only 7 characters.

Monument to Garibaldi.

The history of Cesenatico is closely linked to the figure of Garibaldi, and, in 1884, was probably the first town in Italy to erect a monument to the great leader.

The statue was placed near the Port Channel that, in 1849, represented the salvation of Garibaldi;  moreover, walking along the east side of the harbour, on the wall of one of the houses that were once poor fishermen’s residences, you will find a plaque testifying where Anita and Giuseppe found refuge and relief.

The Church of Saint James

Built in 1324 and then rebuilt in sec. XVI; the present shape is due to the further refurbishment of 1763. Inside it are  preserved two paintings by Francesco Andreini  of the Cagnacci school.

The Town Theatre

Built by architect Candido Panzani, it was inaugurated in 1865. Severely damaged during the war, it was completely restored, and is operating since 1992.

The Conserve

The Conserve (ice houses) were widespread on the coastal area of Romagna already in sec. XVI; filled with ice or snow, they were used to preserve fish. Cesenatico had over 20 Conserve, some of which were still operating at the beginning of the century, and three are preserved, as a testimony of the material culture of its people, historically linked with the life of the sea. If you want to visit them, they are located in a picturesque square surrounded by houses just behind the port channel.

Moretti’s House

In the birthplace of the poet Marino Moretti are kept his books and his papers. Currently the house is a center of study and research on twentieth-century Italian culture. Visits by appointment.

The Town Library

Antiquarium exhibits the documentation on the archaeological findings related to this ancient town and a series of consumables, mainly ceramics, dating back from the Republican Roman age to the entire Imperial period, including oil lamps, vases, plates, weights and coins.

Valuable are some statues and terracotta fragments of the local Roman kiln of “Cà Turchi“. Recently renovated, it houses excellent collections.

The frescoes of Piazza del Monte

Along Via Baldini, in locality Piazza del Monte, on twelve panels of municipal property placed on the wall of the Church of the Capuchins, some local artists (Arfilli, Caimmi, Casali, Cortesi, Di Bartolomeo, Knauf, Mazzanti, Mercuriali, Pericoli, Petrini, Trebbi ) in the early 1970s made paintings depicting costumes, scenes and landscapes of Cesenatico.

The Columns

On either side of the bridge, on the Port Channel, you will see two columns of probable Greek-Byzantine origin; they were erected in place during the Venetian rule in the early sixteenth century.

Spazio Pantani

In 2006 Cesenatico proudly opened to the public the “Spazio Pantani”, a museum dedicated to the great champion of Romagna, located near the railway station.

A museum that contains memorabilia, bicycles and objects that belonged to the cycling champion Marco Pantani, who died tragically on February 14, 2004.

The museum covers an area of over 300 square meters and comes from the will of the family Pantani, of the Municipality of Cesenatico and of the Foundation Marco Pantani to create a structure aimed at keeping alive the memory of the Champion of Romagna and his epic endeavors.

Levante Park

Cesenatico is also one of the towns of the Riviera with the largest number of green areas. 
The Levante Park, just a short walk from our Hotel, is a real green lung for the town (34.82 hectares).

Go there for a pleasant walk and you will be surrounded by meadows with many species of trees and shrubs.

Inside the park you will also find two ponds with wildlife, (LIPU protected area) with ducks, geese, peacocks, mute swans and moorhens, play areas for children, dog areas, picnic areas, restrooms, and summer bar.

The whole park has trails accessible by bike and by foot, which make it perfect for Nordic Walking and for running.

The Riviera of Romagna by night:

The Adriatic Riviera has always been a popular destination of celebrities, actors, singers, athletes and, thanks to its countless nightclubs, is able to please everyone. Nightlife lovers will be spoilt for choice!

Large and small discos, among the most famous in Italy, fashion lounge bars, small gatherings on the beach, Ballroom dance clubs, Latin American dance clubs, and pubs with live music where you can spend pleasant evenings in front of a cold beer, having a good chat.


Molo 95’

It is located directly on the dock, with a breathtaking view that stretches throughout the coast up to Ravenna. There you can taste a cocktail directly on the dock in the bar area, or dance till late night in the inner Disco, where, depending on the night, you will find rock music or Latin music.

Caffè degli Artisti

Overseas atmosphere for one of the finest clubs in Cesenatico.

Mario Magnani, former-paparazzo and true rocker, set his club in the name of music and American rockabilly style, with motorcycles, electric guitars and plenty of beer.

He lives in New York in the winter, but in the summer he comes back to Cesenatico, to give new life to his famous club.

“American style” is one of the most popular dishes of the Café, a well stuffed baguette, with beef tenderloin.

The club is picturesque, packed with people, open only in the summer, enlivened by events, gatherings, parties, burlesque shows and wonderful rock concerts.

Try to spend an evening there…whether you are a fan of the genre or not, you will be hot on it.

Sloppy joe’s

Charming and unique in its kind, perfect for a cocktail at sunset, always enjoying great live music, for a special dinner in an attractive and lively setting.


Built on two floors, this memorable club of Cesenatico offers all kinds of music in its three dance floors, from house music, to rock up to afro or commercial music, is the perfect place to dance and party till late night. Viale Michelangelo, Cesenatico 4 Tel 0547-86822- Fax 0547-86822

Street Bar and Clandestino

Directly located on the Carducci Promenade, these two fashion clubs in Cesenatico are the typical meeting place for a coffee with friends, a drink, or to spend a couple of hours listening to good music in company.

The Clandestino also offers a fine selection of dishes for those who want to try something new.

Cioccolati Italiani

This pastry shop and ice cream parlor offers great breakfasts and aperitifs with a suggestive view on Viale Carducci.

Stop by to taste delicacies made with chocolate, freshly prepared, that will delight you.

Zona Cesarini

On the beach of Valverde in this unrestrained club you can dance to the rhythm of rock music on the sand. Two Saturdays a month free admission.


Rock Island Coconuts and Bounty

These are just some of the disco pubs located on Rimini’s promenade, where you can find different genres of music, to spend the evening sipping great drinks.

Velvet Rock Club Paradiso Io Street Club AltroMondo Studios

Ready to dance to the rhythm of your favorite music all night long??

You just have to choose Punk Rock Afro House Dance Pop Funk, to each one his own genre.
Go wild in one of these fashion clubs on the Riviera, and you will not be disappointed.

Riccione Misano Adriatico

Hakuna Matata Pascia’ Cocorico’ Prince Villa Delle Rose Pascia Echos Liz Club Byblos

It is in these popular clubs that the people of the night puts on the more unrestrained and lively show of the Romagna night.

Milano Marittima

Idroscalo  and Pineta

Exclusive and luxurious atmosphere in these two clubs in downtown Milano Marittima, where you can spend a pleasant evening and maybe meet some VIP. Idroscalo Viale Romagna, 3 (Milano Marittima) Tel 0544.995170 Annual.  Pineta  Via Scacciano 161 Tel. 0541604566

Indie and Rock Planet

Classic venues for the young clubbers in the area, who want to go wild. Planet Rock Viale Tritone – Cervia Tel. 0544 987423 Indie Via Cosmonauti, 51 bis – Cervia Tel. 0544.988895 Annual.


Rio Grande

Dance hall or fashion club depending on the evening, the music is: commercial, underground, ballroom, Latin American, 60s / 70s / 80s / 90s. Via Abba 18 Tel. 0541331764 Annual opening.


Modern cocktail bar just in downtown Bellaria, along the promenade.